On-Site HR Consultants

We notice HR teams get more and more confronted with temporary needs to fulfill their value proposition in the company. Our on-site HR consultants can fill the blanks by swiftly bringing in their domain experience from a variety of business contexts. They easily blend into diverse work cultures and get quickly up to speed.


Our HR consultants can support you on different HR domains:

  • Talent Acquisition: recruiters, spoc for business segments, recruiting managers

  • HR Business Partners: supporting local or international divisions

  • HR Projects: employee engagement, new way of working, corporate culture, learning and development

Compared to the past, we see HR teams in which employees and consultants work side by side as one team. To strengthen your team we can provide junior and more senior temporary HR professionals. Each one of them with a passion for HR and providing value.  

Discover how we can help you

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