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offers stand-alone tools that enable you to work on your ‘personal leadership’ and ‘team development’ at your own pace. They lead to high end results at an affordable cost.

Team Performance Barometer

Our Team Performance Barometer is an online team survey, available in three languages. Anonymous responses on 39 questions lead to scores on the functional and relational pre-conditions for ‘high performing teams’ and give details on the team spread per question. The collective discovery of the results (through workshop and dialogue) enables teams to pin down their maturity level and identify concrete actions for team development.

360° Feedback

Our ‘360° Feedback’ online survey delivers valuable insights on the core qualities of your leadership performance. It focuses on four leadership roles: leader, manager, coach and partner for the business. You can use this as a crisp, low cost and highly qualitative feedback instrument. Discussing the results with your team will empower you as a leader and accelerate your personal growth.

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