Leadershift - March Reading Discoveries

Whereas businesses are constantly adapting themselves in today’s everchanging VUCA world, leadership can under no circumstance be left behind. New business contexts require adapted leadership skills or a “leadershift”. Nowadays we see a strong tendency towards more innovative leadership, accelerated leadership and increased connectedness. Learn how to imply these leadership skills and be prepared for the future. Enjoy your reading!


Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove & Kent Lineback (2014), Collective Genius. The art and practice of leading innovation, Harvard Business Review Press, Boston, Massachusetts (US).

As Nelson Mandela once wrote: “Innovation leaders are like shepherds: They stay behind the flock, letting the most nimble go on ahead without realizing that all along they are being directed from behind”. According to the authors innovative and disruptive times require a different type of leader. In order to unleash the collective genius of today’s organizations, leadership should be focused on creating, enabling and fostering a work environment where innovation can take place and where individuals and teams can unleash their talent leading to greater organizational innovation. Hill and Brandeau challenge our current leadership model and redefine today’s concept of leadership by stating that innovative leadership happens bottom-up. “Collective Genius” inspires using real-world case studies of individual leaders at various international profit and non-profit organizations. This book is a must-read for everyone looking how to build a satisfying work environment where people can deliver innovative solutions.


Ines Wichert (2018), Accelerated leadership development. How to turn your top talent into leaders, Kogan Page, London (UK).

Nowadays investing in accelerated leadership development is default for any organization. Indeed, companies are facing several challenges: Due to the VUCA world we are living in we need a different breed of leaders. With new markets emerging everywhere we need more leaders to guide us. And finally, young leadership talent is replacing the fading baby boom generation on the work floor. “Accelerated leadership development” explains the secrets to success to accelerate the career of your organization’s top talent while debunking the myth that one size of leadership development fits all. In seven steps Wichert provides a practical manual for accelerating leadership development. What differentiates “Accelerated leadership development” from other books on the same topic, is that the author mainly focusses on two talent-pools: Millennials who want accelerated leadership development and women who need accelerated leadership development.


Micheal J. Gelb (2017), The art of connection. 7 Relationship-building skills every leader needs NOW, New World Library, Novato, California (US).

Leaders who cultivate the art of connection have an increasingly powerful advantage over those who don’t. In the “Art of Connection” Gelb explains that positive relationships are fundamental to leadership and business success. Many successful businesses are based on the power of connectedness with others and they seize the importance of face-to-face communication. The author offers his readers seven methods of developing rapport and meaningful relationships in their professional and personal lives. Throughout the book Gelb reveals specific techniques, memorable stories, reflects on research and offers practical exercises in order to apply these seven relationship-building skills, that ultimately lead to more connectedness and thus to a more fulfilling life.

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